Born in Equatorial Guinea in 1954, Sergi Barnils currently resides in Barcelona and works in his studio in Sant Cugat del Vallès. His paintings are widely appreciated by both the public and critics alike, not only in Spain but also in Germany and Italy where he has been exhibiting his work since 1995.

After  extensive training,  during which Barnils was exposed to some of the most important movements in Contemporary Art – from The Impressionists to Cezanne,  Masson to Abstract Art- he found his own highly intellectual synthesis between colour and what inspired him from Catalan traditions, conceiving paintings full of penetratingly intense,  precise symbols.

Barnils’ attraction to landscapes shuns descriptively representing them, instead developing a synthesis of space.  His works create a dialogue with the painting and the geometry of them is unified by the layering of the material and the image. The destiny of life is continuously depicted in the pieces, regardless of how abstract, as is the painter’s desire to express the investigation of beauty and happiness.


1994 Engravings course at Centre d’Art Contemporani de Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Spain)

1988 Faculty of Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

1978 Ceramics course with Xavier Quirós and Angelina Alós. Barcelona (Spain)
Escola del Treball de Barcelona (Spain)

1975 Artistics course at l’Escola Nolasc Valls de Barcelona (Spain)

1965 ArtDepartment l’Escola Viaró, with Xavier Cabanach, Xavier Figueras and Francesc Casadamunt.  Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain)

1962-64 Arts course at escola Teresa Farrés de Sant Cugat del Vallès (Spain)